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Each Piece Is Handmade With Love

Our Story

2020 | As the world came to pause, and nearly 6B people got busy answering existential questions; the one question “m” wanted an answer to was: “Can you make ice cream at home?”

Tried, failed, tried again, and failed a couple more times, but never failed to try until the flavor came through.

Was it ice cream? Everyone thought not… It was beyond!

Fast-forward to 2022 | “m” met “t” and alongside, old friends and new;

we’re revamped, edited, and ready to share the flavors you’ve enjoyed
and much more

We Believe In Homemade Recipes

The Brand

At core, friends of m aims to bring together an online community
around an array of homestyle recipes and great flavor. Our first
product is a mere introduction of what follows and our center of
focus is you

Our Mission

Our firm belief is that the next best recipe is out there! We know where to look and we promise we’ll find it!

Each Piece Is Handmade With Love